How do I use Impact to define LTI pages in the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience?

If your LMS is the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience, there are several differences in how you will experience Impact messages, support, context, and monitors compared to all the other LMS environments. This article shows you how to define LTI pages in the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience.

Defining contexts for LTIs is currently only possible for LTIs with defined Placements in the Blackboard Admin Panel. We are working on the capability to define contexts for LTIs with no defined Placements in Blackboard, but that is not yet possible.

Note: If you use any other LMS, including other Blackboard versions, this article does not apply to you.

Define an LTI Page Manually

LTI pages are the only pages on Ultra environments where the Define button is visible from the inline editor and you can define a context manually.

Follow the steps outlined in this article to make sure you’re using your Chrome plug-in to activate the inline editor (double-check which instance you are using to make sure it is the correct one).

Navigate to an LTI page that you would like to define.

Note: Defining a context for LTI is only possible if the “open in a new window” setting is disabled for the LTI.

Open Inline Editor

Open Inline Editor

To open the inline editor, click the Impact (Eesysoft) icon [1] and then click the Add icon [2].

Enable Select Element

Enable Select Element

Make sure Select Element is enabled.

Define Page

You cannot free-select specific elements on the page until the page is defined. Click on the page to define.

Customize Content

You can customize which route you want to use as your context. The best practice is to deselect all of the criteria and only leave the name of the LTI (states) selected [1]. This allows you to define your page with a partial Route ID that is as general and unspecified, thus making sure you don’t run into any incorrect behavior depending on a user's navigation to the page.

Click the Continue button [2].

If you find a page in your Ultra LMS that isn’t defined (including any LTI pages if you don’t want to define it yourself), please submit a ticket to