What is the Impact Support Center?

The Impact Support Center allows institutions to provide end user support for select learning applications. By default, the Support Center includes articles for Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Ally, and Moodle and can be supplemented with custom resources. Help articles may be triggered by context or user role.

The Support Center can also be used to reach out to Support via email, phone, or chat.

Open the Support Center

Open the Support Center

The Impact Support button displays on your learning application.

To open the Support Center, click the Impact Support button.

View Support Articles

By default, the Support Center displays help article categories based on the user's context in the learning application [1].

Additional topic categories are displayed in the Find out more about section [2].

To view other category's help articles, click the category button.

Users can view suggested help articles for categories.

Search Support Articles

Users can search for articles by selecting the search field.

Use keywords in the search field to find articles related to your question.

Note: The suggested articles are selected by the relevant title only and not the body of the article.

After reading an article, users can leave feedback in the form of a vote [1]. Once you vote, you can leave an optional comment [2].

View Dynamic Routing

View Dynamic Routing

Multiple routes (email addresses, phone numbers, chat URLs) can be defined for each channel and made available to specific learning application roles, on specific days of the week, and during specific times.

Note: The call option is set up by institutions.