How do I update the contact options in the Impact Support Center?

As an Impact admin, you can manage the support channels and routes available based on a user’s role, the time of day, and the day of the week.

Open Support

In the Navigation menu, click the Support link.

Open Routing and Availability

In the My Support Center page, click the Routing & Availability link.

Expand Contact Option

Available contact options are listed in the Contact Options sidebar [1]. To view management options for a contact option, click the option Expand icon [2].

From the Contact Options sidebar, you can copy or delete the contact [3].

View Management Options

The Publish/Unpublish icon indicates the option's Support Center visibility [1].

To duplicate the contact option, click the Duplicate icon [2].

To delete the contact option, click the Delete icon [3].

To view and edit the contact option details, click the option Expand icon [4].

Edit Contact Option

Edit Contact Option

You can edit the the contact information [1] and availability options [2].

To reset the option and remove your edits, click the Reset option [3].

To save and unpublish the option, click the Save & Unpublish button [4].

To save any changes, click the Update button [5].

View Unpublished Contact Option

View Unpublished contact Option

When a contact option is unpublished, it displays an Unpublished icon [1].

To update a contact option without publishing it, click the  Save as Draft button [2].

To publish the option and make it visible in the Support Center, click the Publish button [3].