How do I view all existing contexts in the Impact Dashboard?

Contexts in Impact determine how messages and support articles are displayed in your learning environment. They also serve as the backbone of how data is tracked with Impact activity monitors.

Open Contexts

Open Contexts

In Global Navigation, click the Settings icon [1]. Then hover the cursor over the Settings menu [2] and click the Contexts link [3].

View Contexts

View all your contexts.

Hover over icons in the table to see which screenshots,  help articles, messages, monitors, and walkthroughs are associated with each context.

View Fields

To select the fields to display, click the Fields drop-down menu [1]. You can enable and disable different fields to view [2].

Note: The name, messages, help articles, monitors, walkthroughs, and created by fields are defaulted.

View Filters

View Filters

To add filters, click the Filters drop-down menu [1].  Click the Add a filter link [2]. Then select the filter drop-down menu [3] and select the filters you want to use [2].