How do I start, schedule, or end a campaign in the Impact Dashboard?

On the Campaign Details page, you can determine a campaign’s start and end date.

Open Campaigns

In Global Navigation, click the Campaigns link [1]. In the All Campaigns tab [2], click the campaign you wish to launch [3].

Start Campaign

In the Campaign Details page, click the Start Campaign button to launch the campaign immediately. This sets the campaign start date to the current date and time and leaves the end date blank.

Stop Campaign

If you wish to end the campaign, click the Stop Campaign button, which populates the end date with the current date and time.

Schedule Campaign

To set a specific start and end date for the campaign, click the Schedule Campaign button.

Enter Dates

Enter Dates

Enter the desired start date/time [1] and end date/time [2]. Then click the Schedule Campaign button [3].

View Dates

The start date and end date are updated accordingly. The messages, walkthroughs, and articles assigned to the campaign are only shown to end-users once the campaign has started.