What is an Impact instance?

An Impact instance is a dedicated Impact web application running on a single physical or virtual server. Generally, one Production and one Staging instance are provided to you by us at the time of Implementation.

You can access and manage your instance using the Impact Dashboard via app.eesysoft.com. You can view Reports, create and maintain Proactive messages, Help Items, Walkthroughs, and Campaigns using your instance. Staging and production are set up per institute.

Note: Copying content directly from a staging instance to a production instance is currently unavailable.

View Impact Instance

Instructure will provide one production and one staging instance.

Please reach out to your Impact CSM at impactcsmteam@instructure.com if you would like to request a new Impact instance.

Note: There are costs if you require a new instance for the Implementation team to set up and consult with you on your new instance.