How do I create a campaign from scratch in the Impact Dashboard?

You can create a new campaign, define the target audience, and set the success criteria from scratch.

Open Campaigns

In Global Navigation, click the Campaigns link.

Add Campaign

Click the Create New button.

Add Campaign Details

Add Campaign Details

Enter the name [1] and purpose of the campaign [2].

Add Target Audience

Add Target Audience

Define the Target audience for your campaign. You can choose any combination of user groups [1] or individual users [2].

Add Target Outcomes

Add Target Outcomes

In the Target Content Engagement Field [1], set a target percentage for the number of users you would like to have viewed at least one campaign content item.

In the Monitor Categories drop-down [2], select one or more monitor categories to measure the impact of the campaign on user activity.

The Target Adoption Level field [3] allows you to set a target percentage for the number of users you would like to be active in at least one of the selected monitor categories.

Click the Save button [4].

View Campaign Details

On the Campaign Details page, you are able to review basic information as well as the campaign audience. Here, you are able to add the messages, walkthroughs, and/or articles you wish to publish to the campaign audience. You can then start the campaign immediately or schedule it for a later date. During or after the campaign you can return to the Campaign Details page to view the results.