How do I use campaign templates in the Impact Dashboard?

Impact strives to help institutions maximize the value of their learning technology through just-in-time contextual communication. Our content team, consisting of educational technology experts, publishes helpful templated messages and articles around common themes. This pre-made content is delivered in the form of Campaign Templates.

Campaign Templates contain messages, articles, and activity monitors, which can be added to your dashboard with one click. You can use these campaign templates as a draft, customize them to fit your institution's needs, and then go live with them on your LMS. This article will show you how to use campaign templates from your Impact dashboard.

Canvas and Blackboard release help items also have recurring campaign templates. You can find information about how to use those campaign templates in the following articles:

How do I use Canvas Release campaign templates?

How do I use Blackboard Release campaign templates?

View Campaigns

In the top navigation, click the Campaigns link [1]. Then click the Templates tab [2].

Open Template

Locate and select the campaign template you are interested in using.

Depending on the contents of the campaign template, there may be separate campaigns for students, instructors, or other user groups.

Use as Draft

Click the Use as Draft button.

Review Campaign Content

Open the campaign and scroll down to see Campaign Content [1].

Click the Preview button for each item to see its contents [2].

View Preview

View Preview

You will see a modal with your help item preview.

Remove Content from the Campaign

If any of the articles do not apply to your institute, locate the item name [1]. Click the Unlink button [2].

Be sure to remove any links to this removed article from any of the included messages if needed. To learn more about links between messages and support articles please read this article.

Activate Campaign

Make sure you are happy with the content before you start or schedule the campaign. Once you’re happy with the content of the campaign, navigate to the Edit Properties button.

Edit Target Audience

Edit Target Audience

Select the user groups [1] or individual users [2] that you want to include in this campaign. To learn more about user groups please read this article. Click the Save changes button [3].

Note: For more information on adding Tool Adoption Statistics, visit How do I add tool adoption statistics to a campaign in the Impact Dashboard?

Schedule Campaign

Click the Schedule Campaign button.

Add Scheduled Dates

Add Scheduled Dates

Assign start and end dates/times from the pop-up modal. Click the Schedule Campaign button.

Share Campaign

To make the campaign public, click the Make Campaign Public button.

Start Campaign

Click the Start Campaign button.

Your campaign content will appear on the LMS pages of your selected user groups during the scheduled dates you have selected.

Stop Campaign

If you wish to end the campaign, click the Stop Campaign button, which populates the end date with the current date and time.

While the campaign messages or walkthroughs do not appear to your users anymore, the support articles remain in the support center unless you manually remove them or turn off the tool category to which it is associated.

Track User Engagement

Once your campaign is live, it’s possible to track your user's engagement with the campaign report.

Navigate to the Outcomes section and click the View More link.

You will be able to see for example, how many users viewed the message, how many clicked through the article links, and how many clicked through the walkthrough providing you with useful insights into the effectiveness of the campaign.

To learn more about campaign templates, please read this article.