How do I personalize messages or support articles in the Impact Dashboard?

Adding personalization tokens (like First Name or Course ID) to your Impact messages and support articles is a fantastic way to engage users in a more direct, personal way which can improve the user's experience with the messages and articles targeted to them.

Here is a full list of personalization options currently available:

  • First Name
  • Full Name
  • User Name
  • Course Name (Only available for Blackboard)
  • Course ID (Only available for Blackboard)
  • Course PK1 ID (Only available for Blackboard)

Open Messages

In Global Navigation, click the Messages link.

Note: To personalize support articles, click the Support link.

Manage Messages

Click the Manage Messages tab [1]. To personalize support articles, click the Manage Articles tab.

To edit an existing message, click the name of the message [2].

To create a new item, click the New message button [3] or New Article button.

Edit Message

Click the Edit Message or Edit Article button.

Note: If you are creating a new message or article, the Edit Message or Edit Article button does not display.

Add Personalization

Add Personalization

If editing text, click the body of the message or article and press enter view the in-line insert options.

Click the User icon [1] and then select from the personalization options [2].

You can also access the User icon from the Rich Edit Mode.

Add Personalization

Now that you have successfully added a personalization token to your message or article you can continue to edit your content, targeting assignments, settings, or publish it to your learning environment. When your message or article is published, the personalization token will be replaced with the value associated with the viewer of the content, so if you chose First Name as a personalization token, the user will see their own first name - ex. John Doe - instead of the First Name tag.

Remove Personalization Token

To remove a personalization token, move your cursor next to the personalization tag and press backspace or delete on your keyboard to remove it.