What Impact support insights are available?

Support Insights report on support performance and feedback in the dashboard in order to analyze the quality and impact of communication and support efforts.

Open Insights

In Global Navigation, click the Support link [1]. Then click the Insights tab [2].

View Support Insights

From your support center insights tab, you can view information about how users rate the support articles you add to your learning application and support center. You can also view article voting results when the Voting option is turned on.

Filter Insights

By default, Insights displays all data available from the most recent three-month range. However, you can filter displayed results by Start date [1], End date [2], User Category [3], User Group [4], and Status [5].

To apply selected filters, click the Apply Filter button [6]. Filters affect all data displayed on the page.

Note: The Insights filter is static and displays at the top of the page even when you scroll to view additional data.

View Article Performance

Insights display the following charts and tables for Support Center Insights:

  • Article Health table [1]: Displays key statistics about your recent messages. Learn more about Article Health Insights.
  • Support Button Usage chart [2]: Displays the number of times users have clicked the support button embedded into your learning application at any given time. Learn more about Support Button Usage.
  • Support Escalation Routes chart [3]: Displays when a request is submitted via one of the contact options. Learn more about Support Escalation Routes.
  • Pages With Most Support Questions table [4]: Displays the pages the support center was most frequently opened on.

Learn more about Article Health insights.

View Chart Options

To export an Insights chart, click the Export drop-down menu [1]. You can export the data as a CSV or as a PDF.

To view Insight chart data based on adoption over time, click the Trend drop-down menu [2]. You can select from the following options:

  • Cumulative: View the chart as a growth curve of usage from the first unit of time to the last unit of time. Each point in the graph shows the usage level from the start date of the chart until the date associated with that point.
  • Trend: View the separate adoption levels for each unit of time in the chart.

To view insight chart data based on users and views, click the Actual drop-down menu [3]. You can select from the following options:

  • Actual: View the active users chart metric as an absolute number. This chart displays the absolute number of users who triggered the support button or escalation route divided by the number of active users.
  • Fixed: View the adoption level as a percentage of unique active users with the Y-axis of the chart ranging from 0% to 100%.
  • Scaled: View the adoption level as a percentage of unique active users with a narrowed Y-axis to focus in on the displayed adoption levels.

Learn more about the Support Button Usage insights and presentation options.