How do I create a campaign from a template in the Impact Dashboard?

You can import a campaign template and use it within your own environment. Templates use premade articles, messages, and reports offered by Impact's in-house education specialists.

Open Campaigns

In Global Navigation, click the Campaigns link [1] and then click the Templates tab [2].

Select Campaign Template

Review available campaign templates by examining the title and description.  Then select the template you would like to use.

Use as Draft

Once you have reviewed the Campaign Details and would like to use the template, select the Use as Draft button.

View Campaign Details

On the Campaign Details page, review the campaign information, target audience, and outcomes [1]. To edit any campaign property, click the Edit Properties button [2].

In the Campaign Content and Support Center Category sections, you are able to preview all of the associated messages, walkthroughs, articles, and support center categories [3], as well as add or remove campaign content [4]. Existing campaign content can be edited from the Message, Walkthrough, or Support page.

Once your campaign is ready, you can start it right away or schedule it for a later date [5].