How do I create a Walkthrough in the Impact Inline Editor in Blackboard Learn Ultra?

When creating walkthrough steps, admins can select from the following step types: hints, pop-ups, and systrays. Hints can be used to direct users to another page in their LMS. Pop-up and systray messages can be used to provide information.


  • Walkthrough steps must include a context which triggers the step, such as an action or navigating to a page.
  • Buttons can be added to allow users to navigate between steps or close the walkthrough.
  • The  Walkthroughs feature preview is in active development.

Launch the Inline Editor

Launch the Inline Editor

Using Google Chrome, log in to your Blackboard Learn Ultra environment.

To activate the Export Tool extension, click the Impact icon.

Note: Depending on your Chrome browser you may need to open the Extension menu and then click the Impact Expert Tool extension.

Log in to Impact

Log in to Impact

Log in using your email address and Impact password.

Connect to Impact Instance

Connect to Impact Instance

Click the Impact instance which is connected to the Blackboard Learn Ultra environment.

This means with Ultra you no longer connect your expert user and forget about it. With every use of the inline editor in Ultra you connect an LMS to an Impact system.

Note: Using the Chrome plugin you can create contexts on an Impact system different from the one connected to that LMS. You can connect the plugin to any instance you have access to, regardless of the LMS you are logged into. Be careful which instance you are logged into, especially when defining any contexts.

Open Inline Editor

Open Inline Editor

After the page has reloaded, click the Impact icon [1] and then click the Walkthroughs icon [2].

Create New Walkthrough

Create New Walkthrough

To create a new Walkthrough, click the Create Walkthrough button.

Add Walkthrough Details

Edit Walkthrough Details

In the Title field [1], enter a title for your walkthrough. In the Description field [2], add description text. In the Assigned to field [3], select the users you want to view the walkthrough steps.

Then click the Start Creating button [4].

Create Step

Create Step

To add a new step, click the Create a step button.

Select Page

If you would like to change the Walkthrough page or element, click the Select Element (Shift) toggle button [1].  To confirm the page or element selected for the step, click the Select Page button [2].

To cancel creating the step page or element, click the Exit button [3].

Note: Free Select Mode is not available when selecting a context.

Add Step Details

Add Step Details

In the Step Title field [1], add a step title. 

In the Step Body field [2], add a description of the step.

To add a message type, click the Systray Step button or Pop-up Step button [3].

Note: Hint messages are not available in the Inline Editor Walkthrough as a message type.

Add Buttons

Add Buttons

To add a button, click Add button button [1].

In the Caption field [2], type the button name.

To change the action of the button, click the Action drop-down menu [3]. Depending on the order of the button's action, you can select between next, previous, and exit.

Edit Connected Context

Edit Connected Context

To change the page placement of what page the connected context is being displayed, click the Change placement link.

Edit Presentation

Edit Presentation

To modify the size of your message, enter a number in the Width field [1] and a number in the Height field [2].

View Walkthrough Steps

Completed Steps

Once you have added all the steps to your walkthrough, click Save and proceed button.

Edit Settings

Edit Settings

In the Settings tab, you can edit different settings [1].

To select who is assigned the Walkthrough, click the Assigned to drop-down menu [2].

To immediately begin the Walkthrough when a user opens the page, open the Triggers section and ensure the Trigger proactively from first walkthrough step checkbox is selected [3].

To schedule message visibility, in the sidebar, locate and open the Schedule Visibility section [4].

In the Visible From section, select the relevant:

  • Start date
  • Start time

In the Visible Until section, select the relevant:

  • End date
  • End time

To collect feedback from the Walkthrough, open the Advanced Settings section and click the Collect feedback at the end of the walkthrough checkbox [5].

To search or create tags to add to your Walkthrough, add tags in the Tags field [6].

To link your Walkthrough with a Tool Categories, select the Tool Categories drop-down menu [7].

To save without publishing, click the Save draft button [8].

To continue and publish, click the Save and proceed button [9].

Note: You must assign users to be able to publish the Walkthroughs.

Publish Walkthrough


To publish the Walkthrough, click the Publish button.

View Walkthrough

View Walkthroughs

All Walkthroughs are visible within your Impact Library.

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