How do I check that my Impact data is being synced?

By using the System Status page, you can check that the course information from your LMS is being synchronized properly with your Impact instance.

Open Impact Dashboard

Open Impact Dashboard

In Global Navigation, click the Settings icon [1]. Then hover the cursor over the Settings menu [2] and click the Status icon [3].

View System Status

The Status page displays the overall health of all services and the AWS region of the instance.

Status Overview for Blackboard

If there are no disruption warnings at the top of the page and all individual statuses are listed as OK, the LMS data synchronization is running correctly.

Status Overview for Canvas

For Canvas, the LMS Data Synchronization, LMS Course information synchronization, LMS Course User information synchronization, and LMS User information synchronization parameters are N/A.

View Service Interruption

If a service disruption notice is shown related to LMS Data Synchronization, this could mean that the synchronization process has been interrupted or that discrepancies have been detected between the LMS and Impact databases.

View Status Overview

The individual statuses in Status Overview provide clarification on the nature of the disruption.

If you encounter an unexpected disruption in your LMS Data Synchronization, please submit a support ticket to