How do I use the Impact Integration in Ally?

Users who have both Impact and Ally (Accessibility tool) can benefit from the Impact Integration on their LMS. This integration allows admins to customize in-app messaging, measure Ally adoption, and support Ally users with documentation.

Impact offers a variety of content around Ally, including:

  • Inline Editor templates added inside your LMS
  • Contexts and monitors in your Impact Dashboard
  • Ally Accessibility category within the Integrated Tools report
  • Insights
  • Ally Accessibility Support Center category
  • Campaigns/Walkthroughs

Enable LTI Ally

Admins need to ensure that the Ally data integration into Impact by Instructure is enabled inside the features tab of the Ally configuration page.

In addition to this, the LTI Ally data integration into Impact by Instructure should be toggled on. This will ensure that support categories, the reporting template categories, contexts, monitors, and insights are visible in your dashboard.

Inline Editor

Since Ally is a third-party tool, you can reach the Inline Editor by enabling the Third party tool frame, once you have navigated to the Ally-related page. You can access the Out of the Box predefined templates as well as define your local inline templates.

Out of the Box Contexts and Monitors

Out of the Box contexts and monitors have been created around Ally functionalities where possible. These contexts are focused on Instructor and Student activity.

You can filter both Contexts and Monitors inside your Impact Dashboard by using the Tool Category filter [1] and selecting Ally (Accessibility) [2].

Ally Integration Reporting Templates and Insights

The Ally Integration Monitors are located in the Reporting Templates > Campaign Monitors. To find these, navigate to the Reporting Templates > Integrated Tools, where you can view all monitor (sub)categories, inside your Impact Dashboard.

Note: For more information on reporting templates, visit How do I edit an existing reporting template in the Impact Dashboard? or How do I add an activity monitor to a reporting template in the Impact Dashboard?

To find the insights generated by Ally Integration Reporting Templates, navigate to your Insights inside your Dashboard [1], Tool Adoption tab [2], and select Integrated Tools under Reporting Template [3]. To apply the filter, click the Apply button [4].

Once the filter is applied, the Insights for Integrated Tools display Tool Adoption and Adoption Rates.

Ally Integration Support Center Category

All Ally instructor and student guides have been categorized inside your Support Center for inline help. The categories can be located within Elements of a course > Accessibility, External apps > Accessibility and External Tools.

Note: Since the majority of defined contexts are at the element level rather than the page level, Ally support is not contextualized.

Campaigns and Walkthroughs

Access Ally Campaigns and Walkthroughs by searching the term Ally on your Campaign Templates page within your dashboard.